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Mawaru Penguindrum ~ Click and drag game

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    Best friend: Shirase what? Has a crush on you: Keiju Tabuki hahha First kiss: Hibari Isora nooo ;_; Your lover:...
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    Esmeralda. Aaw(?)
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    Best Friend: Penguin 2 Has a crush on me: Princess of the Crystal First Kiss: Hibari Kanba Esmerelda Cockblocked by:...
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    your best firend : prinecss of thecrystal has a crucsh on you : esmeralda your first kiss : shirase your lover : shouma...
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    best friend: Masako
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    FOREVER REBLOG Best Friend: Penguin #1 Who has a Crush on me?: Momoka Oginome First Kiss: Shirase (WTH) Lover: Penguin...
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    Your Best Friend: Kanba Takakura Has a crush oh you: Hibari Isora Your first kiss : Souya [Soy conejofílica plz] Your...
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    your best friend: hibari has a crush on you: princess of the crystal your first kiss: esmeralda WHY your lover: mario??...
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    best friend: penguin 2 *0* has crush on you: Oginome Ringo xD you first kiss: Oginome Momoka ._. your lover: Takakura...
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    Best friend: Hibari (WOOHOO) Has a crush on you: Mario (what) First kiss: Penguin 1 (WHAT THE FUCK I WAS KISSED BY A...
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    Your best friend: Penguin 2 (jfgafgfaf COME HERE BBY) Has a crush on you: Esmeralda (well why the hell not) Your first...